As the UK's most inland port, Goole is ideally situated for access to the country's transport infrastructure.

Located on the River Ouse, some 50 miles from the North Sea and less than two miles from the M62, Goole is only 30 minutes' drive from the industrial areas of West and South Yorkshire.

The North Midlands and the North-West are no more than an hour's drive away. The port also has rail connections to many berths and well-used canal connections to West and South Yorkshire. The 310-acre Capitol Park distribution centre is conveniently located close by. 

Information for Masters and Agents

  1. Notice to Ships Masters - General and Environmental Information

  2. Notice to Ships Masters - Disposal of Ship Generated Waste

  3. Notice to Ships Masters - Mooring Ropes and Wires

  4. Notice to Ships Masters - Emergency Arrangements - Goole

Commercial Information

For more information about the Commercial Aspects of the Port of Goole.

For more information about the Commercial Port Tariffs within the Humber.