Below are some weather links to keep you updated with the latest information:

The MET Office
Regional weather reports, with individual five-day forecasts for major towns and cities. The MET Office provides many specific marine services, including marine consultancy, shipping forecasts, inshore/offshore weather forecasts and gale warnings. also available is a direct-to-mobile marine weather service, giving you up-to-date information on the move.

MET Office data is currently used in the local inshore weather broadcasts and for the shipping forecasts issued through Spurn VTS Centre.

The Weather Channel
provides detailed daily weather reports for every major town and city in the UK and Northern Ireland, along with a 10-day outlook, worldwide weather forecasts and delivers daily forecasts directly to your mobile phone.

YTV Weather
Specifically catering for the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire regions, YTV Weather provides daytime and evening forecasts, along with a forecast of the next day's outlook.

also provides simple information on coastal waters and wind speeds, and short written forecasts. Text alerts to your phone are also available from YTV Weather.