Humber Passage Plan

The Humber Passage Plan consists of four separate plans collectively referred to as the Humber Passage Plan. These are for any vessel of 40,000 tonnes deadweight or over, whether laden, part laden, light ship or with a draught of 11 metres or more, and also gas carriers of 20,000 cubic meters capacity and above, irrespective of draught.

Each separate plan is a passage and berthing plan which has been prepared by ABP as the harbour authority, after discussions with and agreement by the relevant organisations, to facilitate the safe movement of large vessels on the Humber.

The plan serve the following terminals :

  1. Tetney Mono-Buoy

  2. Immingham Oil Terminal

  3. Immingham East/West Jetties

  4. Immingham Bulk Terminal

  5. Humber International Terminal

  6. Immingham Gas Terminal and South Killingholme Jetty

  7. Saltend Jetties

The plan only applies to vessels navigating to or from terminals who are party to the plan and are not construed as being a GENERAL DIRECTION within the meaning of Section 6 (1) of the British Transport Docks Act 1972.