Harbour Authority

Navigation Aims

To improve and promote continuously the safety of navigation within the Humber harbour area.

Navigation Objectives

  • Operate a Vessel Traffic Management Information Service (VTMIS). This is the vessel through which the Competent Harbour Authority manages the passage of vessels navigating through the harbour.

  • Operate a Vessel Traffic Service (VTS). This is the vehicle through which the Competent Harbour Authority monitors and regulates navigation, providing vessels with the necessary information or advice to ensure safe passage through the harbour.

Navigation Roles

The key players who fulfil the objectives of the VTS are the VTS Manager, 10 Assistant Harbour Masters and 7 Vessel Traffic Services Operators, supported by the 11 Marine Information Officers.

Navigational Safety

ABP HES, as the Competent Harbour Authority, operates a bespoke system to safely manage, monitor and control the safety of navigation on the river, which is called Port and Vessel Information System (PAVIS).

The system provides a fully-integrated administration and information system for pilotage, VTS and the VTS support (Data Centre) and is linked to the external stakeholder facing element, Agents Online. Agents Online is a system through which ships agents can book, amend and update their vessels arrival, movements and departure information.