Public Consultation

ABP HES will consult with all those parties, individual and corporate, which have a legitimate interest in the estuary in order to ensure that our duties and responsibilities and the way we undertake them are widely recognised.

ABP HES will consult in such a way that the views expressed by others are understood and, where required, acted upon.

ABP HES consults with river users, interested parties, ABP employees, the general public and authorities that are involved in the management of the Humber environment, e.g. The Humber Liaison Committee. They consult for three reasons:

  • Firstly, to aid passage of information between ABP HES and all other associated groups.

  • Secondly, to provide a method to allow interested parties to contribute towards the safe operation of the harbour.

  • Thirdly, to comply with legislation, viz, Pilotage Act 1987 (paragraph 7, section 4) and Harbours Act 1964 (9,6) (Annexes 4 & 5).

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Consultation - Humber Liaison Committee

The primary purpose of the committee is to facilitate the exchange of information between members of the committee. Through such exchange, the safety and efficiency of the estuary can be maintained and improved. Each of the participating organisations, unless otherwise described, shall nominate or a representative nominated by him its own representative. The committee shall meet at least once a year. The Harbour Master, Humber, will chair the committee or a representative nominated by him. The committee has the following invited guests:

  • Harbour Master, Humber

  • Dock Master, Hull & Goole

  • Dock Master, Immingham & Grimsby

  • VTS Manager

  • Hydrographic Manager, Humber

  • Conservancy & Environment Manager, Humber

  • Marine Manager

  • Engineering Manager, Hull & Goole (as Estuary Engineer)

  • Safety Manager

  • Two Pilot Representatives

  • Representative of North Bank Pilot Exemption Certificate Holders

  • Representative of South Bank Pilot Exemption Certificate Holders

  • Representative of F.T. Everard

  • Representative of Humber Sea Terminals

  • Representative of the Trent Wharf Owners

  • Representative of Hessle Docks

  • Representative of Immingham Jetty Operators (APT)

  • Representative of Tetney Mono-buoy (Conoco)

  • Representative of Old Harbour, Hull (Kingston Upon Hull Council)

  • Representative of British Waterways Board

  • Representative of Hull Marina

  • Representative of Trinity House Lighthouse Service

  • Representative of Maritime and Coastguard Agency (Beverley)

  • Representative of Grimsby Marina

  • Representative of Humber Inshore Fishermen's Association

  • Representative of North Eastern Sea Fisheries Committee

  • Representative of Grimsby Fish Dock Enterprises

  • Representative of Adsteam Humber Ltd

  • Representative of Hughes Marine

  • Representative of Royal Yachting Association

  • Representative of Humberside Police Underwater Search Unit

  • Representative of Humberside Fire Brigade

  • Representative of Finnlines Ltd

  • Representative of Flixborough Wharf Ltd

  • Representative of Lincoln & Hull Marine Contractors Ltd

  • Representative of Humber Cruising Association

  • Representative of J Wharton (Shipping) Ltd

  • Representative of J Marr Ltd

  • Representative of Humberside Police

  • Representative of Boyd Line

  • Representative of Hull & Humber Chamber of Commerce

  • Representative of John H. Whitaker Group

  • Representative of Humberside Sea & Land Service